May Spring Detox Dates: Monday 5/15 to Sunday 5/28. 

Registration closes Monday 5/8, so scroll down to register NOW!


The Whole Health Reset brings full circle my passion for clean living. I developed this program to reset your cravings, balance your blood sugar, decrease inflammation and boost your body's ability to detoxify harmful substances. You'll also discover which foods may be related to symptoms like fatigue, brain fog, headaches, joint pain, bloating, stomach upset and more. It can be challenging in the beginning, but it's SO worth it.

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Most commonly experienced benefits:

  • Increased energy
  •  Increased sleep quality
  • Increased focus
  • Less irritability/mood swings
  • Reduced cravings for sugar, caffeine and processed foods
  • Weight loss (varies per person)


Program Manual Detailing: 

  • Science + Philosophy Behind the Program
  • How to Prepare For & What to Expect During the Program
  • Time-Saving Strategies for Success
  • Lists of Foods to Enjoy and Foods to Avoid
  • Simple Whole Health Reset Meal and Snack Ideas
  • Build Your Own Shake Template (BYOS)
  • Build Your Own Bowl Template (BYOB)
  • 25+ Recipes to Get You Started
  • Outline of Program Supplements
  • Reintroduction Process for Eliminated Foods
  • Life After the Program
  • How to Kick Sugar for Good

Private Group Membership & Mentoring

Membership in the private Facebook group where I’ll be  answering questions, offering solutions and posting additional information each day during group sessions. Participation is a fun way to interact with our group and stay motivated, engaged and accountable. Don’t be shy – others can benefit from a question or comment that you have! If you don't have a Facebook account, let me know and I'll send you daily emails with the information covered.  


Program Guide + FB Group Access - $60

Supplements - $100 (optional, but encouraged for a deeper detox)