Skin Types


Dry and/or mature skin tends to be just that – dry and thin with small or invisible pores. Common skin complaints include dehydration, tight skin, fine lines and/or wrinkles and premature aging.


Combination skin types don’t struggle with overly oily or overly dry skin and typically consider themselves to have “normal” skin. When their skin is out of balance, they may experience sensitivity, breakouts, redness and/or inflammation.


Oily skin types usually have thicker skin, larger pores and are oily in the T-zone. Common skin imbalances include excessive oiliness, cystic acne and/or blackheads. If you can put a tissue anywhere on your face and absorb oil, this is your line!

NOTE: Our skin changes with the seasons, so those who are on the cusp of two skin types may need to adjust seasonally. For instance, if you are on the cusp of dry and combination skin, you may need the dry kit in the fall/winter and the combination kit in the warmer months. Feel free to contact us at [email protected] if you need help determining which kit is best for you.

For additional help determining your skin type, complete the Skin Type Profile below.

1. My facial skin tends to be: 

a) normal to dry, thin, dull

b) normal to sensitive

c) normal to oily, thick

2. The pores on my face appear: 

a) small

b) large on T-zone, small elsewhere

c) large and open

3. My skin undertone is: 

a) bluish

b) reddish

c) yellowish

4. My complexion has: 

a) fine lines

b) freckles, moles and/or broken capillaries

c) blackheads and/or excessive oiliness

5. My skin is generally healthy but prone to:

a) tightness and feeling dehydrated

b) pimples, burning or redness

c) deep acne, blackheads, especially around chin and/or jawline

6. My facial skin has:

a) tightness and no natural oil

b) no tightness and no excessive oil

c) excessive oil

7. My body type is:

a) on the thinner side and/or bony

b) average height and muscle tone

c) heavier and prone to weight gain

Now, how many As, Bs, and Cs did you answer? 

  • If you answered mostly a) your primary skin type is dry.
  • If you answered mostly b) your primary skin type is combination.
  • If you answered mostly c) your primary skin type is oily.