“This is responsible luxury. The Nourish Facial Serum for Dry Skin is ambrosia: a super-hydrating serum applied to clean skin that left my face feeling soft, glowy and smelling as if I had just enjoyed the most delicious spa treatment.”

— Emily, Dry Skin

“I am astounded by the results. I am rarely impressed with skincare products (particularly plant-based products). I find that most of them do an adequate job of cleaning or moisturizing – and not much more. The BLOOM kit, though, is really special. The serum is magic. It has completely faded years of sun and breakout discoloration that I’ve tried for years to correct with chemical peels and high-powered retinol-based creams. ”

— Heather, Oily Skin

“I love BLOOM. My skin is glowing and the products smell and feel divine, like something I would only experience at a spa. ”

— Lindsey, Dry Skin

“I had a facial today and the esthetician wanted to know what I use on my face. She said my skin is so moist and hydrated – not something she typically sees from a woman in her 60s. I told her about BLOOM and she wants to know more about your products. ”

— Diane, Dry Skin

“I love BLOOM! I really like that my products are customized for my combination skin. I’m very particular with my skin and I’m blown away at how my skin looks and feels since using BLOOM. My skin always feels moisturized – never dry or oily. The POLISH and HYDRATE are the highlights of the process – they are so refreshing! My teenage daughters also love the products. I sleep well at night knowing that we are all using the most natural, therapeutic ingredients for our skin.”

— Staci, Combination Skin

“Never, ever have I been one to spend time in the bathroom in front of the mirror. Your products have changed that! I love the ESSENTIALS Kit and the routine. It’s the perfect self-indulgent end to my day. ”

— Brandy, Combination Skin

“RESTORE is totally helping brighten my under eye circles. And this little container of gold lasts forever!”

— Emily, Sensitive/Combination Skin

“I love my BLOOM products! My skin looks and feels great since using them. My 14 year-old daughter, who has been on dermatologist-prescribed skin care for chronic skin issues, started using my products and her skin cleared up within two days! That’s a big deal, especially when you’re 14! Thank you, BLOOM!”

— Tammy, Combination Skin

“I just received my BLOOM Skin Essentials earlier in the week. The first night I did the full 10 minute facial mask and my skin felt so luxurious afterwards. And the aromas are fantastic – so relaxing and soothing. The following night I did the same routine and I can’t believe the difference in my skin already. I absolutely love these products. And they are so pretty too.”

— Susan, Dry Skin

“I have noticed a huge difference in my skin since I began using BLOOM! I have had long-time, problematic adult acne mixed with an oily/dry skin type. I’ve tried everything and found nothing. Since using BLOOM, I not only have the pleasure of knowing the beautiful ingredients that I’m putting on my face, it’s also like treating myself to a spa. The products smell amazing! My face thanked me – NOURISH has helped me to stay moisturized, POLISH is a gentle exfoliant and HYDRATE is most refreshing. I haven’t seen a new blemish since starting with BLOOM and the problem areas I did have prior to use have since disappeared – a wonderful feeling! ”

— Jessica, Sensitive/Combination Skin

“Since I started using BLOOM, my dry patches have disappeared, my minor breakouts have healed, and best of of all, my skin tone has begun to even out! It has been YEARS since I have felt even slightly comfortable leaving my house without makeup, but now I CAN! My favorite thing to do is spray HYDRATE on as soon as I wake up in the mornings to wake up my skin. ”

— Jennifer, Combination/Oily Skin

“I just can’t live without NOURISH. My skin literally drinks it in!”

— Martha, Dry Skin

“I absolutely love BLOOM products. I haven’t had a single (not one!) breakout since using your products. My skin feels amazing and even the tiny pimples I was getting on my neck are completely GONE. Thank you, BLOOM!”

— Lily, Oily Skin

“I love RESTORE. I struggle with dry skin around my eyes and it has really made a big difference. My skin feels so much softer and smoother.”

— Kaitlyn, Oily Skin

“I love BLOOM products and feel like I just left the spa every time I use them! The wrinkles around my eyes have decreased and I’ve even been getting compliments on how pretty my skin looks!”

— Jody, Oily Skin

“Finally, I have found products that actually absorb into my skin! I truly feel like my skin is being nourished with BLOOM and I can tell a big difference when I run out of my products (which I try my hardest not to let happen!). I’m particularly in love with HYDRATE and NOURISH – I have dry skin and those are the only two products I need in the morning to feel hydrated. I love the fact that there are no preservatives or chemicals – just wonderfully pure, high-quality ingredients. ”

— Linda, Dry Skin

“I have found a skin care line that truly nourishes my skin! After going through many years of light therapy due to lymphoma, my skin had become very dry. Nothing seemed to make me feel hydrated. Soon after I started using BLOOM, my skin felt nourished and rejuvenated and I definitely had a glow! I couldn’t be happier with the difference in my skin. ”

— Becca, Dry Skin

“BLOOM is an amazing skincare line. Using it is like like going to the spa each day. I love that the founder is a nutrition therapist, so she really knows what’s best for my skin.”

— Susan, Combination Skin

“You need to sell HYDRATE in Costco-sized bottles – it’s amazing! Better yet, find a way to immerse people in it like a spray tan! ”

— Julie, Dry Skin

“After a year of using BLOOM, I can honestly say it’s the best skin care line I’ve ever used.”

— Michelle, Dry Skin

“POLISH is one of my favorite face scubs and gentle enough for everyday use! It smells so good, I literally have to hold myself back from eating it – just imagine sugar cookies! Made with ingredients like almond powder, orange peel and lavender blossoms, POLISH leaves my skin so smooth. ”

— Gabrielle, GreenBeautyXO, Combination Skin


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