Welcome to BLOOM Skin Essentials.

BLOOM’s formulas for glowing skin were developed by Misty Litt, a Nutrition Therapist and anti-inflammatory lifestyle expert. Misty started creating skin care products after her 4-year old daughter was diagnosed with multiple chronic health issues related to food and chemical sensitivities in 2010. Upon the advice of her doctor, Misty switched to all-natural products for her family and soon began researching the purest, most nourishing ingredients for her dry skin. After completing a course in skincare formulation, she developed her own beauty routine and it wasn't long before friends and family began requesting products for their skin types. In 2013, BLOOM was born.

The BLOOM Approach

Customized by skin type, BLOOM's luxurious product lines deliver the essential fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals your skin needs to regenerate and thrive - without increasing your body's toxic burden. BLOOM formulas are based on time-tested ingredients esteemed for their soothing, hydrating and rejuvenating properties. Our rare botanical oils are known to repair skin cells and improve elasticity and tone. What's more, they will leave you enchanted by their therapeutic aromas. 

While BLOOM is deeply rooted in the science of essential nutrients that benefit the skin, our goal is to infuse your daily beauty ritual with that deep sense of purification, relaxation and well-being you typically only experience at the spa. The BLOOM approach is about cleansing, hydrating and nourishing your skin daily with the freshest, safest, most luxurious organic ingredients for your skin type.

What's in BLOOM

  • Organic + wild-crafted, therapeutic-grade plant oils and essential oils
  • Organic herbs, roots + plant extracts

What’s Not in BLOOM

  • Synthetic fragrances
  • Synthetic preservatives
  • Parabens, nanoparticles, silicon or sodium laurel sulfate
  • Petroleum-based products
  • Fillers
  • GMOs 
  • PEG, Phenoxyethanol
  • Pesticides / Insecticides

Conscientious & Cruelty Free

  • All botanical and essential oils are 100% undiluted and sourced from sustainable organic farms.
  • All containers are made from 100% recyclable glass.
  • All BLOOM formulas are vegetarian or vegan. 
  • Cruelty free: though our animal friends may enjoy a little BLOOM, we do not test on them.
  • Shipping materials are recyclable, biodegradable and/or compostable.

Enjoy Your Bloom!

Misty Litt, Founder

Misty Litt, Founder